So you want to know how you decide what web host i
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So you want to know how you decide what web host is best!

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So you want to know how you decide what web host is best!

So you want to know how you decide what web host is best!

Providing web hosting services since 1999 we have been asked this question many times. We will try to make our answer as simple as possible, but the answer is not always simple unless you know the correct (tech) words in the web hosting industry and already know what it is youíre looking for in web hosting products and plans. In our humble opinion weíll try to break this question down into 5 main parts or categories. Obviously some technical and additional more detailed information has been excluded in the interest of simplicity but in this short outline of 5 main parts, but youíll get a good feel for what-is-what in web hosting services and options.

1. Research on your part is always instrumental in your quest to finding the right web hosting service for you. You must ask yourself what services products and hosting plan do I need in web hosting to provide me with what my web site needs to do the job you expect from the web host you finally choose in the end. Knowing some of the technical words of services or products will also reduce your stress level and reduce any miscommunication between you and youíre soon to be web hosting provider.

2. Knowing what web plans your web site uses or will use in web hosting products is key in picking the correct web hosting basic plan that you actually need to start with such as; shared web hosting environment , VPS web hosting environment or a dedicated web hosting environment. Then look for any additional product services you web site might need such as; standard IP address or dedicated IP address, serverside applications that can be accessed by your web site that are included with that web hosting plan.

3. Once you have the basics in mind look for a web host that can provide additional products and services that at some point as your web site grows (and it will) there is already the infrastructure in place by your web host to provide additional resources and products youíll need such as; any web hosting plan changes or upgrades, more server space, more bandwidth, additional features, there are many.

4. There are over 600,000 web hosting providers out there, so how can you possibly pick one. Itís fairly simple. Our 1st rule of thumb is to get a referral from someone you already know and who has done most of the real hard foot work finding that right web host, and with any luck they can also tell you just exactly how good or bad their current and past experiences have been with theses web hosts. If you donít know anyone who is in that category then our 2nd rule is refer again to rule #1! You can go to additional web forums just like this one and read other posed questions and other replies from the others who have already done the real hard foot work finding that right web host, and with any luck they can also tell you just exactly how good or bad their current and past experiences have been with theses web hosts.

5. We left our reply about price to the end. This answer is about as bad as looking at 600,000 web hosting providers for the right one without a referral to go by. Price is a strange thing; it ranges from dirt cheap to very high against the market. As you canít tell a book by its cover you canít tell a web host by price. We have by our own experiences found price is not relative (most of the time) to services and products of web hosing in the market place. Our example is (our past history) when we started our web hosting company in 1999 we had to charge a fairly high price for our services and web hosting plans. Really more that we wanted to. But as time goes on web hosting equipment, server locations (farms), and fiber optics costs have all come down because of high demand and high competition, just like computers have drastically come down in price today. Cheap is not always a bad thing theses days. But another example is the way the record label and recording industry was back 10 years or more ago. Only a select few could provide services to a captive audience and charge what every price they wanted to. But not anymore.

We hope we have provided some small amount of insight that will help you decide what web hosting is best. Its really up to you, as the more knowledge you gain the easer it will become to see clearly all the possibilities what web hosing plans that so many good web hosting providers can offer you and for a reasonable price.


Robert has been in the high tech industry for over 30 years, and during that time has owned operated many voice, data, alarm product and web service related businesses and is currently a CEO of and other Internet service companies.

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